//Increasing Site Popularity by Backlinking

Increasing Site Popularity by Backlinking

Incoming links or incoming links as others call it; backlinking has now been of use to many website owners. Backlinks are the links that a site gets from another location. This is a way to be able to sell you websites especially for those site’s that are used for online business. Search engine optimization or SEO plays a great role in backlinking. If you know how to do this, it is sure that you will be able to boost traffic to the site and promote your rank in search engines.


Here is how you can use backlinking in increasing the popularity of your site.

Write good articles and post them to free article directories. You may opt to use paid article directories so as not to take too much time in the process of marketing your items. Allocate a part of your story where you will be indicating the address of your website or the link to your site.

Use your accounts on social networking sites to link visitors to your site. Since almost all internet users have accounts on social networking sites like Twitter, Digg and Reddit, and of course Facebook, use this to your advantage. Create an ad of your website in your social networking account and provide a link will direct visitors to your website with just one click.

Be an active blog reader and commenter.

Being a reader and a commenter of a blog will enable you to advertise your site. Go to sites that have high ranks and read on blogs that are significant to you. On the comments page of that blog, put some relevant and exciting comments and at the end indicate your web address.


You may also spend some cash on an online classified ad for your website. The ad should be able to provide the link that will lead the reader to your site at one click.

Lastly, be responsive to your users. When a user or a visitor leaves a comment on your site, make sure that you make a response within 24 hours to let the caller know that her ideas are being appreciated.

Just try to do this steps every day and observe the difference that it can do to your website.

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