//IP Address: How to Hide It

IP Address: How to Hide It

If you would like to surf the net and go to sites where you have been banned, or you want to join a forum of which you would not want your IP address to be seen, hiding your IP address is the best solution.

How to Hide It

The IP address of your computer will enable other users to know your identity. Once your IP address has been banned in a website, you will no longer be able to access that site because your IP address will recognize. You can only access these sites when your IP address is hidden.

There are two options to which you can hide your IP address, namely: using a proxy that is web based and using hide IP address software.

A proxy IP software will enable a user to use it as his/her server. Thus the original IP address of your computer will not appear on the site that you will open. The IP address of the proxy will appear. You will be using the proxy server to visit a site so you will have to type in the site’s URL in the proxy server. There are three disadvantages in using this option. First is that the connection using this server is usually slow, this is because there are mainly computer users that are using the services of this server. Second is that you will have to go to the proxy server every time you want to enter a site. The third is that the service of this proxy server does not include giving you access to sites to which you have been banned.


In using a hide IP software, you must follow and remember the following. A hide IP software can be downloaded for free from the internet. Once you have downloaded this software, your IP address is concealed all the time. You can also change the settings of this software where you can modify the location of your speech so that you can access those sites to which your country is restricted to gain access of. Compared to using a web based proxy, the hide IP software has a faster connection, and it can allow you access even those sites where you have been banned.

Now you know how to hide your IP address. Just choose the best option for you.

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